Size and Aspect Ratio- 4:3 aspect ratio, 120 Diagonal Screen Size ( 93.7 X 69.7 in), Carton
Size: 106.7 x 5.1 x 4.9 in, Product
Weight: 24lbs You can stop the motorized projector screen before it's all the way down to use as a smaller 16:9 screen
Motor System- Energy efficient, quiet ( <42dB) motor that enhances longevity. Control system: long distance radio frequency remote & wall mountable control panel
4 Layer Premium PVC Matte Projector Screen- Featuring 160°viewing angle and 1.2 gain. 4 layer black backed screen which eliminates light penetration and produces top quality color reproduction. This projector screen is easy to wipe and clean with soap and water
Fast Installation & Easy Cleaning- Arrives fully assembled, plug and play ready. This motorized projector screen is suitable for both wall mounting and ceiling mounting. Ideal choice for home theater movie, education, conference room presentation, outdoor movie and more.

Your Private Movie Heaven
8 Reasons to Choose Aoxun Motorized Projector Screen
Dual Control Ways: wired Box & Wireless RF remote control
Smooth & Quiet Motor ( <42 dB)
Durable Steel End
Wrinkle Free Screen
Easy to Wipe and Clean
1.2 Gain Factor
160° Viewing Angle
4 Layer HD Screen
4 Layer HD Screen:
Protective Layer: high-permeability protective layer to protect the screen from scratches, easy to scrub, and durable
Anti-light Layer: Nano-level diffuse reflection layer, achieve super natural light absorption, greatly improve image quality
Cutting Layer: high-density PBS grating, cutting picture pixel particles, making the picture more delicate and clea
Blackened Layer: Super black graphite material is used to prevent light transmission and enhance contrast
High Quality Durable & Powerful Motor
High quality durable & powerful motor, which is quiet, helps roll up or down smoothly.

Input: AC 230V ±10% or AC 120V ±10%
Durable: Long term service
Quite: <42 dB
Smooth: fast and no jam

Recommended Space for Hidden Installation:

Hole Spacing: 105.12 inch
Length Required: 109 inch
Height Required: 4.72 inch
Depth Required: 3.94 inch
Diagonal Length: 120 inch
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Viewing Area: 93.7" X 69.7"

Aoxun motorized projector screens offer upgraded 100% stainless steel durable frame
Aoxun projector screen offers steel end, which is suitable for wall-mounting or ceiling-mounting.

Other normal projector screens just offers plastic end, which not suitable for long-term use, and is easy to age or even break. There is even danger of falling.

Ratio Recommendation
16:9 is more suitable for movie, TV drama, games

4:3 is more suitable for business presentation, BUT aoxun projector screen allows you stop the rolling anywhere, so you can also roll up the 4:3 screen as 16:9 screen

Recommended Viewing Distance
Before buying, please carefully consider and measure whether the area of the living room is appropriate

UltraHD for 8K 4K HDR 3D
Suitable for 8K 4K HDR 3D projector screen

Easy to Wipe and Clean
You can wipe the screen with alkaline detergents