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Refurbished: ViewSonic PJD5533w DLP Widescreen High Contrast Portable Projector WXGA ...
$393 .00
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Refurbished: Hitachi CP-AX3505 3LCD Projector 3600 Lumens HD 1080p XGA Ultra Short ...
$374 .00
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Refurbished: Boxlight P6 X32N 3LCD Projector Interactive Portable 3200 ANSI HD 1080i HDMI ...
$379 .00
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Refurbished: NEW LAMP NEC NP-M311W 3LCD Projector 3100 ANSI HD 1080p HDMI with ...
$311 .00
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Refurbished: Mitsubishi WD570U 3500 Lumens DLP Professional Classroom Business ...
$148 .73
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Refurbished: Epson PowerLite 965 3500 ANSI 3LCD Projector for For Movie Lovers ...
$298 .00
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Refurbished: Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector, by Anker, Palm-Sized 200 ANSI Lumen ...
$489 .99
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Refurbished: Epson PowerLite S17 3LCD Projector 2700 Lumens CLO HD 1080i SVGA Portable ...
$238 .00
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Refurbished: BenQ MP776 DLP Projector 3500 Lumens 3D Ready HD 1080i HDMI LAN ...
$313 .00
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Refurbished: BenQ HT2150ST 1080P 3D HD Short Throw Home Theater Projector 2200 ...
$649 .99
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Refurbished: NEC P350X 3LCD Projector 3500 ANSI HD 1080p HDMI Wireless Networking with ...
$304 .00
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Refurbished: BenQ 4K Home Entertainment Projector TK800 | Native Resolution UHD ...
$889 .99
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Refurbished: BenQ MX520 3000 ANSI Lumens DLP Digital Multimedia Projector HD 1080p 3D ...
$180 .00
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Refurbished: Epson PowerLite 84+ 3LCD HDMI 1080i Projector Home Office Multipurpose Use ...
$174 .00
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Refurbished: 3000 Lumens 3LCD Projector Professional for Business Presentation HDMI ...
$207 .00
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Refurbished: Mitsubishi XD250U-G DLP Projector Home Theater with Accessories EXTRA ...
$171 .00
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Refurbished: 2200 Lumens 3LCD Projector for Family Reunions Parties Ceremonies ...
$85 .00
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Refurbished: Epson PowerLite 107 3LCD Projector 3500 Lumens CLO HD 1080p HDMI LAN ...
$346 .00
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Refurbished: InFocus IN116xv DLP Projector 3800 ANSI Bright Full HD 3D 1080p HDMI with ...
$420 .00
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Refurbished: ViviTek D859 DLP HD Projector Home Theater Multipurpose Use with ...
$209 .00
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Refurbished: Epson EMP-83H 3LCD Projector / 83+ PowerLite with Accessories + EXTRA LAMP
$160 .00
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Refurbished: Dell 3400MP DLP Projector Business Portable HD 1080i w/Accessories Bundle
$85 .00
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Refurbished: Boxlight Eco WX32N Widescreen Projector 3200 Lumens HD 1080i WXGA ...
$252 .00
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Refurbished: InFocus IN114A DLP Projector Portable 3000 Lumens 3D HDMI HD 1080p with ...
$299 .00
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Home Theater Projector Buying Tips


An HD projector has many benefits, especially the ability to display content that can fill your entire field of view. While HDTVs can be very large, they are not scalable. An HD projector on the other hand, is scalable to a certain extent. Below, NeweggBusiness outlines the basics of HD projectors and some considerations for buying one.

Projection Types

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Capable of high levels of brightness and color accuracy, LCD projection technology is usually found in low- and mid-range HD projectors. Downsides of LCD include lower contrast ratios compared to DLP and LCoS, average black levels, and a higher chance of dead pixels.

Digital Light Processing® (DLP®)

DLP HD projectors usually have very good contrast ratios and vibrant colors. There are two subsets of DLP projectors, three-chip projectors and single-chip projectors. Three-chip DLP projectors tend to cost more than their single-chip counterparts and are sometimes used in environments that require a high level of image quality, such as movie theaters.

Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS)

LCoS projection technology—sometimes marketed as either SXRD or D-ILA—is a mix of both DLP and LCD projection types. It is mainly found in mid- and high-end HD projector offerings. Compared to LCD and DLP projection types, LCoS advantages include high levels of brightness, resolution, and color accuracy. The latest 4K HD projectors often utilize LCoS projection.

Other Considerations

Projection Surface

One consideration that can be just as important as the projector is the screen. While a white wall can be used as a projection surface, it is not an ideal solution. When projecting onto a wall, the texture of the wall can sometimes be noticed. A projector screen eliminates this problem by providing an ideal surface that is smooth and has uniform reflectivity.

Ambient Light

When installing an HD projector, a big concern should be the amount of ambient light in the environment. Projectors work best when there is little ambient light, as ambient light can lower the contrast ratio of the displayed image. One solution is to purchase a very bright and high contrast projector to overcome the ambient light. Another option is to alter the environment to limit the amount of ambient light.

Audio Output

While HDTVs usually have built-in speakers, that is not the case for HD projectors. Some HD projector models include speakers, but they may not be ideal for use in large environments such as concert halls or theaters. Ideally, audio output should be sent to a dedicated system such as an A/V receiver.