Color: Crimson RedUPGRADED Trimline Princess Phone - 3 YR WARRANTY, MONEY BACK GUARANTEESIMPLE TO USE FEATURES: Most phones are CONFUSING & overcomplicated. iSoHo Trimline lets you simply pick up & dial, CONTROL VOLUME, flash to CALL WAITING or REDIAL with ONE TOUCHLIGHTWEIGHT -
ARTHRITIS FRIENDLY: Most phones are too heavy, aggravating arthritis. iSoHos SLEEK vintage retro corded handset phone is ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT so it’s PAIN FREE to use - even with arthritis. YOU HEAR THEM, THEY HEAR YOU –
VOLUME XL AMPLIFIER: CAN’T HEAR your loved ones? Built in hearing impaired VolumeXL AMPLIFIER creates CRISP, CLEAR SOUND so you can HEAR as EASILY as if you were YOUNG AGAIN. BIG BUTTONS – DIAL THE RIGHT PERSON EVERY TIME! TIRED OF DIALING the wrong person because you can’t see the numbers? Most phones have tiny, impossible buttons. Our Trimline Princess Model has 10 BIG, BACKLIT BUTTONS so you can SEE & DIAL with EASERELIABLE -
DESK PHONE STAYS PUT: MOST CURLY CORD PHONES for SENIORS and HEARING IMPAIRED are portable and easily misplaced, disappearing at the worst times. Trimline phones for seniors is RELIABLE & there whenever you need it most - even WORKS during a POWER OUTAGE.
ALWAYS HEAR IT RING: NEVER WORRY ABOUT missing a phone call again because this Trimline phone for seniors ALERTS YOU with a FLASHING STROBE LIGHT that catches your attention even if you TURN the RINGER OFF. UNRIVALED DURABILITY, UNBEATABLE QUALITY3 Year Warranty, 30 Day Money
Back Guarantee: UL listed, FCC approved & crafted fromUPGRADED ABS for superior strength, flexibility and higher temperature resistance. So go ahead, stop asking, “Can you hear me now” and add this guaranteed winner to your cart now.