The CD DVD Duplicator offers optical disc burning technology suitable for anyone involved in disc duplication. The user-friendly LCD interface provides a simple one-step copy function that burns your CD and DVD blank discs at an optimal speed producing a maximum copies every burn cycle. Burning speeds are adjustable and other standard menu features are available for advanced users. A computer is not required at all for this standalone duplication system. All inside the copy tower itself, different CD and DVD formats are automatically detected to allow stable and secure buffer under run protected burning without the added trouble or stress from a computer to handle such functions.

Ensuring a fast, cost effective solution for duplication runs whether burning is performed at home, office, or studio, benefit from high volume disc output and reliable performance.

Standalone & Easy To Use
Completely standalone means NO software or computer required
User-friendly LCD display interface
Simple controller buttons allow easy execution of functions

Multiple Duplication At Once
Burns several discs every session (units larger than 1-1 only)
Built for continuous burning, requires NO cool down
Automatic CD and DVD format disc detection

The Advantage of M-DISC
The M-DISC duplicator is designed to copy onto M-DISC blank media, providing a groundbreaking optical disc technology that allows you to write data once and read "forever. " Regular CD and DVD lasers cannot successfully etch information to the patented inorganic and synthetic materials used with an M-DISC. However, M-Disc compatible duplicators can carve extremely sharp and clear grooves of data onto the rock-like surface of M-DISC media for data security and disc longevity.

What is M-DISC?
M-DISC utilizes chemically stable and heat-resistant materials that are not used in any other DVD or optical disc! These materials cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes. The normal laser energy employed to write DVDs or CDs cannot successfully write to the patented inorganic and synthetic materials used in the M-DISC

Data is stored on the M-DISC by physically altering the recording layer and creating permanent voids or holes. DVDs and other optical discs use organic dyes that break down over time, resulting in corrupt and unreadable data. These organic dyes are highly susceptible to temperature, humidity and even sunlight, starting to fade and decay the moment you record data.

The recording process of M-DISC utilizes higher temperatures and as much as 5 times more energy than any ordinary optical disc. This allows for permanent engraving on the M-DISC, what we refer to as pits. These pits are not affected by temperature, humidity and sunlight the same way dyes are, because the pits are permanent. This means when you burn data onto the M-DISC, it will last as long as you need it to.