30 group x2 independent lights, Dual channel indication.

The rising speed and the falling speed of the light bar. the holding time and the falling speed of the peak can be adjusted separately.

Selectable monochromatic mode or color mode.

The color of the light bar and the peak lamp can be chosen. (also divided into color mode and monochromatic mode)

Under color mode, the color and number of colors of the rainbow can be selected (such as a closed loop rainbow with three colors of R, G, B, or a closed loop rainbow with two colors of R.B).

DB mode and AGC mode selection

, The AGC algorithm guarantees the best results when the amplitude of the input signal changes.

Whether to open smooth effect. Whether to open background color (background color and brightness can be set separately).

The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted at different levels(When the brightness is too high, Don't look at it straight).

Entertainment flash effect.

Infrared remote function.

Power: USB 5V, current 1A (actual consumption of 700MA or so)

Dimensions: 150x20mm/5.91x0.79inch

Note: Remote control without battery.

I. Normal mode:

1. Single Click

POWER - Enter the standby status or wake-up.

UP    - VU Meter Mode+.

DOWN  - VU Meter Mode-.

LEFT  - Change the color of the main light bar.

RIGHT - Change the color of the main light bar.

OK    - The background light ON/OFF.

HOME  - The smooth effect ON/OFF.

BACK  - Return or exit the settings menu.


DEC   - Brightness reduction.

ADD   - Brightness increase.

M-KEY - Switch monochrome mode/color mode I/color mode II/color mode III/color mode IIII/color mode V.

2. Long press