Canopy 16 x 28 x 1 Premium MERV 13 Pleated Air Conditioner Filter, Box of 6 Canopy filters not only improve your overall air quality but also protect your HVAC system by capturing dust and other airborne particles. Every Canopy filter is produced in the USA using only the highest quality materials. Recommended for those who suffer from Allergy and Asthma Symptoms. Over 30-times more efficient at capturing micro particles than ordinary fiberglass filters, these filters capture airborne particles/allergens less than 1 microns in size. The electrostatically charged synthetic material helps fight dust, lint, pet dander, dust mites, pollen, bacteria, mold, micro allergens, smog, and virus carriers. MERV 13 pleated offer superior filtration and are an ideal upgrade from standard disposable panel filters.Nominal Size: 16x28x1 or (16 x 28 x 1), Actual Size: 16" x 28" x 1", AC and Furnace Air Filters