VGA to BNC Converter The VGA video scan converter is used to convert various images of the computer from 640x480 to 1920x1080, supporting NTSC or PAL video. It provides a composite output format. It is used for applications such as video conferencing, home theater, lecture room or TV computer image conversion.
1. Automatically detects and converts incoming PC images to NTSC, PAL.
2. Support high resolution PC input to SXGA (1920 @ 60Hz).
3. Support resolution: 640x480 60 fps; 800x600 60 frames, 75 frames 60 frames 75 frames; 1024x768,
Specification: Item Type: Converter
Input Port: 1 x VGA
Output Port: 1 x BNC
Power Port: USB
Package List: 1 x Converter/1 x USB Cable