Model: HAJ1024
Readout mode: non - contact
Output mode: voltage output, collector output, complementary output, push pull output, long line drive output, differential output, fork output
Output phase: A, B
External diameter: 38mm
The diameter of axle: 6 mm
Standard length of wiring wire: 1.2m
Resolution (pulse/rotation) : 1024P/R
Wiring method (8 wires) :
Brown wire: dc5v (positive pole)
Blue wire: 0V (negative pole)
Black wire: A(phase)
White wire: B(phase)
Shielding network cable: N.C (ground)
Output A difference: A, B phase difference of 90±45(1/4±1/8T)
Output mode: NPN open collector output
Output capacity: external voltage: under DC30V, synchronous current: under 35mA, residual voltage: under 0.4v (synchronous current: under 35mA)
Output up and down time: 1 s or less
Control the output voltage: 5 v load resistance 1 k

Starting torque: below 0.9mN.m
Inertia moment: 1 x10-6kg.m2 (below 600 pulses/rotation: 3 X 10-7kg.m2)

Package list:
1 x Encoder