C-MAP 4D NA-D960 Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet & Kodiak IslandThe next evolution in navigation solutions. C-MAP 4D adapts to your boating needs because its the only digital chart that offers advanced features and lets you add data and services as they become available. Full 4D ContentWhen you choose Full 4D content you will experience the latest in navigationdata and technology such as: 3D Chart View - The world has three dimensions. When you add the 4th dimension of time - meaning consistent, periodicupdates - you combine the most detailed 3D height and depth worldwidedatabase with a continuous update process to give you a personalizednavigation experience with up-to-date data for safe navigation. High-Resolution Satellite Imagery - See the real world on yourscreen. C-MAP 4D includes a navigational perspective with high-resolution coastalimagery overlaid on the most accurate and up-to-date vector data, plusthousands of extraordinary photos for the most popular marinas and areas ofinterest. Digital Raster Charts - Innovate tradition. With raster charts, you have an additional reference source for navigationalawareness. Get at-a-glance information using the nautical paper chartsoverlaid on the multi-dimensional shaded relief to have a new visualexperience. Easy Routing - Automatically create a route. Enter start and end points along with specific boat parameters andautomatically receive waypoints of the shortest route highlights potentialhazards and displays varying levels of alerts for each segment of the route, allows you to manually adjust the route. Guardian Alarm - An extra layer of safety. When activated, Guardian Alarm performs an automatic forward-scanning checkfor obstacles.

Use the feature as an added backup to alert you should youhead toward a potentially harmful object. Detailed NavAidsRoute CheckDetailed Marina ChartsC-Marina Ports DatabaseMulti-Language CapabilityDynamic Tides & CurrentsPhotos & DiagramsDepths & Land ElevationsPerspective View4D cartography is compatible with the Furuno 1670F / 1870F, and Standard CPN 7000i, and CPN1010i units.