Feature of 3 in 1 Bluetooth Speaker & Alarm Clock & Hidden camera

1. Unobtrusive Hidden Camera
Perfectly hidden design, unnoticeable for the ultimately invisible monitoring, no one will know that there is a camera in the room. 3 type(4K/2K/1080P) of Screen Resolution to choose, meet your extreme requirements for clarity.

2.Bluetooth Speaker with AUX IN
You can also use it as bluetooth speaker to listen music with your phone via bluetooth connection, or make it as a music player with computer/laptop through the AUX input

3.Simple and generous fashion clock
It has all the functions of an ordinary alarm clock. Fashionable appearance and simple design, 4 buttons to control the Hour/Minute/Second/Alarm time, support 12/24 hour system.
PS:The latest black mirrored glass perfectly covers the lens position.

4. Motion Detection & Phone warning
It supports a motion detection system with adjustable sensitivity, which can accurately detect people who invaded your house and send alerts to your phone in a timely manner. And the evidence taken by the camera will remain in your phone or SD Card. View at any time. The camera uses the latest infrared capabilities. When the night vision function is enabled, the infrared light will not glow. Don't miss any details even at night.

5. Two-way Audio
Two-Way Audio with built-in microphone allows you to have smooth conversations through the App, where you could scare off unwanted guests and interactive with your baby or pet freely.

Product Specifications

Image Resolution: 4K/2K/1080P
Lens Angle: 150 degree
Memory Storage Capacity: Micro SD/TF card up to 128GB
Night vision distance: 8 meters
Camera Connection: WiFi
Bluetooth Speaker Connection: Bluetooth or AUX
Mobile phone operation system: Android / IOS
Power Source: DC 110-240V