Why choose the 4G Solar Security Camera
100% Wire-Free: The 4G security camera is powered by a solar panel, which means it can be placed anywhere without running the electric cable to the remote area.
No WiFi needed: It is a great choice for those who want a security camera that does not require a WiFi network. This camera supports 3G/4G network of Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T, so it can be used anywhere there is cell service.
Sensitive to Motion: With sensitive PIR motion sensor plus recent pixel level recognition algorithm, this home camera can rapidly & accurately detect any motion of person or animal with a 130° detecting angle, then the camera will sent an alert to your phone immediately, with accurate real-time notification.

If your camera can't work normally with your phone App, please confirm whether the 4G card traffic is used up. There just has 100M of 7 day free cellular data. After the free traffic is used up, the app will not work properly with the camera. You can buy traffic packages according to your needs. After buy traffic packages, the camera will work normally with your phone APP.