CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER PROFESSIONAL GRADE Combination BNC Video with FEMALE TO OPEN Exposed Positive (+) / Negative (-) Power Line Conductors. Use for surveillance (CCTV TVI CVI AHD HD-SDI) security camera video systems without any interference or quality decrease due to heavy duty cable. Simplify the installation of surveillance security systems by using one cable to carry both power and video. CABLE SPECIFICATIONBLACK SOLID COPPER 20AWG RG-59 SIAMESE COAXIAL CABLE95% BRAIDEDCONNECTORS2.1mm FEMALE to Open Positive & Negative Power ConductorsALL BRASS ANTI CORROSION PCT BNC CONNECTORSFEATURESFEMALE to Open Exposed Power (+) / Ground (-)Conductors for Direct Screw-In Power WiringRG-59 Cable minimizes interference providing long distance signal transmissionUSAGEFOR VIDEO and SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEMSCCTV, TVI, CVI, AHD, HD-SDI SURVEILLANCE VIDEOASSEMBLYCUSTOMIZED CUT TO ORDERMade from Foreign & Domestic PartsAssembled in USA by PHAT SATELLITE INTL at 8 facilities across the USAPLEASE SEE ALL AVAILABLE PROFESSIONAL GRADE CABLES WITH VARIOUS SPECIFICATIONS by PHAT SATELLITE INTL.SEARCH ON AMAZON FOR PHAT SATELLITE INTLStandard Return Policy:
Manufacturers make custom-made goods based on a customer's unique specifications, for example regarding material or design.Item must be return in the original condition without scratch, bent or any damages. Any item return as opened, used, or tampered with will be denied. All return item may be subjected up to 20% restocking fee. Buyer is responsible for the actual cost of shipping fee for the original order and return shipping cost. All return will be tested against any defective claim. If the defective claim is determine to be false, an additional 10% restocking will be deducted from the order.