General InformationManufacturer: HP Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number: A3483AManufacturer
Website Address:
http: //www. hp.
comBrand Name: HPProduct
Name: 256MB DRAM
Memory ModuleProduct Type: RAM
ModuleTechnical InformationMemory Size: 256
MBMemory Technology: DRAM
Number of
Modules: 2 x 128MBError
Checking: ECC
Device Supported: WorkstationPhysical CharacteristicsNumber of
HP: 3000 Series 9x9 Model 939KS3000 Series 9x9 Model 959KS3000 Series 9x9 Model 969KS3000 Series 9x9 Model 979KS9000 700J Workstation J2009000 700J Workstation J2109000 700J Workstation J210XC9000 700J Workstation J2809000 700J Workstation J282/29000 B-Class Workstation B132L9000 B-Class Workstation B160L9000 C-Class Workstation C1609000 C-Class Workstation C160EG9000 C-Class Workstation C160L9000 C-Class Workstation C1809000 C-Class Workstation C180/XP9000 K-Class Workstation K1009000 K-Class Workstation K2009000 K-Class Workstation K2109000 K-Class Workstation K460-EG9000 K-Class Workstation K460-XP9000 Series 800 Business Server K1009000 Series 800 Business Server K200