The Meinl fire rhythm series original African rope tuned Djembe has a black finish with hand carved designs. This high quality instrument is crafted with great attention to detail and provides an outstanding, full-volume sound. The Meinl original African style rope tuned Djembe is made from a solid log of plantation grown mahogany. This wood species has the proper density and stability to assure a high quality Djembe from sustainable sources. Our Djembes are headed with hand selected shaved goatskin (shaded black on fire rhythm series). the traditional Mali-Weave tuning system with pre-stretched htp rope is an easy and reliable way to keep the Djembe in tune.

The Djembe is first formed on a lathe. The body is then carefully shaped by hand for a perfect bearing edge and proper interior contours. These factors are critical for optimum sound characteristics: deep bass notes, full clear tones, and crisp cutting slaps, all without unwanted overtones
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