This Intelix INT-USB2-50CWP USB2.0 High Speed Extender Client Side from the Intelix series offers you the flexibility of choosing between a wall plate and a traditional unit for either the Local or Remote side. Once paired, these will expand the computer’s USB port to a two-port powered USB hub. These devices provide the ability to extend up to two USB 2.0 peripherals 50 meters away from the computer, way beyond the typical 5-meter limitation of only using one CAT6 cable. This means each peripheral connected to the Remote unit can receive a full 480 mA of power and can even power the peripherals without the host connection. Offering sleek commercial-grade housing, these high-grade USB extenders provide a simple and flexible solution for any application, including education, commercial, and medical.

Connecting and extending various USB peripherals to your laptop or personal computer (such as web cameras, microphones, cable cards and disk drives) couldn’t be any easier. Truly plug-and-play; no driver is required when using software platforms such as Zoom, Teams, YouTube, Facetime, and other messaging applications.

Intelix INT-USB2-50CWP USB2.0 High Speed Extender Client Side Features:

  • USB2.0 High Speed Extender to be paired with standard or wall plate host extender

  • Supports USB2.0 High Speed up to 480Mbps

  • Supports Isochronous data transfer

  • Flexible power can be applied at host or client end

  • Integrated 2 port USB-A hub for multiple device connection and extension

  • Decora style wall plate ships with matching cover plate

  • Pair with INT-USB2-50H or INT-USB2-50HWP