KX-TD816 is the middle-size Panasonic digital phone system control unit, and very popular for both business and home use. It has a wide range of user- friendly features that can save time and money. The unit comes equipped for 4 lines, 8 multi-line digital extensions. The KX-TD816 can be easily programmed using the Panasonic software tool (purchase here). The KX-TD816 software is designed for Windows XP or lower and requires a 24-pin serial cable.
KX-TD816 Features:: Configured for 4 Lines and 8 Stations. Expandable to 8 Lines and 16 Stations (32 Station max, with XDP). Must use KX-TD170 for 8 additional extensions and KX-TD180 for 4 additional incoming lines. Automatic Route Selection (ARS) Call Forwarding Caller ID (Must add KX-TD193) Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Direct Inward Dial (DID) Direct Inward System Access (DISA - Must add KX-TD191) PC based programming via serial connection cable Toll Restriction Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) Voice Mail Integration (Use KX-TVS50, KX-TVS75, KX-TVS100, KX-TVS125, KX-TVS225, KX-TVS325) XDP Extra Device Support Supports KX-T7400 Series Telephones (KX-T7420, KX-T7425, KX-T7431, KX-T7433, KX-T7453, KX-T7436, KX-T7456), KX-T7200 Series Telephones (KX-T7220, KX-T7230, KX-T7250), KX-T7000 Series (KX-T7020, KX-T7030, KX-T7050), KX-T7700 series (KX-T7720, KX-T7731, KX-T7736, KX-T7737, KX-T7750), and single line telephones like Polycom or Panasonic conference phones. KX- TD816 is a digital system and provides great digital features like off-hook call announce. It uses digital voice mail integration with any Panasonic voicemail. As a Panasonic Hybrid System, it support Panasonic proprietary digital telephones, Panasonic proprietary analog telephones, and standard single line telephones.

This allows you to connect any telephone anywhere on the system without limitation and not worry about specific ports.