DO YOU LOVE AUTHENTIC, TASTY YOGURT? Our Euro Cuisine YMX650 Digital Automatic Yogurt Maker, produces homemade yogurt and does all the work for you! Savor the fresh yogurt that was made in your own kitchen.
SET IT & FORGET IT: Simply heat up 42oz of milk, add our Euro Cuisine 5gr Yogurt Starter or 3-4 Tsp plain yogurt, pour it into the jars, set the digital countdown timer and wake up the next morning to delicious yogurt.
A FLAVOR FOR EVERYONE: Prepare something that everyone can enjoy by making a different flavored yogurt in every jar. Whether it's strawberry jam, honey or vanilla flavoring, you'll be in love with it!
ENRICHED WITH PROBIOTICS: The benefit of homemade yogurt is that you know exactly what's going into it; no preservatives and other harmful substances. Provide your family with natural, tasty yogurt which has a higher dose of probiotics than commercial yogurt.
NOTE: In order to make Greek yogurt, you will need to use our Euro Cuisine GY50 Strainer and manually strain out the whey from the yogurt.
ITEM CONTENTS: Yogurt Maker Base Clear Yogurt Maker Lid for Base 7- 6 oz. Glass Jars 7 Jar Lids
PRODUCT FEATURES: Temperature Control 7 Rotary Date Setting Lids so you know until when your yogurt is fresh. Includes a storage compartment on the clear yogurt maker lid for the individual glass jar lids. Blue LED Digital Timer Display beeps when your yogurt is ready. Automatic Shut-Off- The machine will turn off automatically after 15 hours. Top Rack DISHWASHER SAFE - Easy to use and clean. BPA-FREE Containers Brushed Metal Accents
Listed Voltage: 120V
Frequency: 60Hz
Wattage: 13W
Product Dimension: 9.5" x 9.5" x 7"3
YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: We guarantee this Euro Cuisine YMX650 Yogurt Machine will satisfy your taste buds, or we will refund your entire purchase.