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Now you have something to do with one of your extra 5.25" external drive bays. The REV drive from Iomega makes data back-up and security easy. An ATAPI/IDE connection makes data transfers fast and easy. The durable 35/90GB cartridges give you unlimited storage capacity. You can password protect and encrypt your data for extra security.

Hard drive like access makes transfers easy. Just drag and drop files on to the drive and they're transferred. You can just open up the drive in Explorer and retrieve the file you want in seconds, since you don't have to scan the tape to get to the file.

An additional layer of data security is easy since you can lock up the cartridge at night. This is also a great choice for companies without assigned desks. Give each person their own data disks and their work can follow them to whatever desk they use. It also works well in environments where large files are routinely transferred; now the files won't clog the network.

Revolutionary Removable Hard Disk System

The Iomega internal REV drive (Model 32929) employs revolutionary Removable Rigid Disk technology for state-of-the-art backup and archiving, and provides storage expandability with additional REV disks to deal with your increasing data and business so that your data always stays secure and available.

35GB REV Disk Included

The inside Iomega REV 35GB removable disk provides a reliable hard drive storage solution for file and system level backup.

Mounting Kit Included

With the included 5.25" rail mounting kit, the Iomega internal REV drive (Model 32929) fits into any standard external 5.25" drive bay on your computer.

Iomega Automatic Backup Pro Software

The included Iomega Automatic Backup Pro software performs professional-level data/system backups and full-system disaster recovery for the ultimate safety of your critical data.