Getting started with professional videography does not have to be expensive. SIRUI has developed two cheap but high quality broadcast tripods especially for budding filmmakers. Lightweight combined with stability are only two of the outstanding features of the SIRUI AM-15S tripod. It comes with a video pointer and carries cameras up to 10kg. Double tube legs make the tripod extremely stable and therefore indispensable for professional video recording. The central spider increases stability even further. When working on sensitive floors, the spikes can be covered with rubber feet. The large screw caps are particularly practical.

The video pointer has a 75 mm hemisphere and can be perfectly leveled on the tripod. With its long swivel arm and adjustable friction, the camera can be intuitively and comfortably guided. The safety lock system prevents the camera plate from accidentally slipping out. If a DSLR is used instead of a video camera, the Sliding Stopper on the removable plate serve for additional security.