JM Classic Round Blue Light Blocker Glasses for Reading.
Product DetailFrame: Alloy
MetalLenses: Anti
Blue Light LensColor: Gold, SilverDiopter
available: + 1.0, + 1.25, + 1.5, + 1.75, + 2.0, + 2.25, + 2.5, + 3.0, + 3.5, + 4.0W hat a blue light blocking glasses can do: Anti
eye fatigue: Reduce eye strain and sensitivity to light when facing digital screens. Great for office workers or anyone who has to look at screen all day.
Minimize headache: Blue light blocking glasses will supercharge your health by blocking detrimental blue light while letting in all other beneficial light.
Sleep better: Exposure to high rate blue light will impact our sense of circadian rhythms cause insomnia. Wearing blue light filter glasses will improve your sleep, help you sleep better and have good night. TIPS FOR CLEANING
Use a gentle lens solution. To avoid scratches. Never wipe the lens when they're dry (there may be dust or particles). Use Soft materials such as cleaning cloths, Don't use paper towels or other rough materials.