Dampp-Chaser Piano Humidifier Treatment - 16 oz. Bottle - Value Pack of 2. Perfect for schools, churches, or other institutions with multiple pianos and Dampp-Chaser systems. - Humidifier Treatment designed to reduce mineral build-up - Prolongs the life of your humidifier and pads - Helps to keep the watering tube clean and clear - Add one capful to water for each filling - 2 - 16 oz. bottles Pad Humidifier
Treatment Description: PAD Treatment prolongs Humidifier pad life, keeps the watering tube clean and clear, and reduces mineral build-up in the humidifier tank. Use one (1) capful every time you refill the humidifier with water. PAD Treatment is the only product recommended for use in the Piano Life Saver System Humidifier from Dampp-Chaser Corporation.
UPC NO: 045635153349