Durgol was invented in Switzerland over 65 years ago. Over the years, this formula has been further perfected to become the world market leader in decalcification/descaling. Durgol is clean-rinsing, leaving nothing behind but a clean machine. That means after decalcification and rinsing, your machine is completely safe for use. Other decalcifiers may not only leave behind residue and odors, they may impair the taste of your espresso. Why would you settle for lower quality espresso if there's durgol?. The durgol factory in Switzerland has been manufacturing decalcifiers under the durgol brand since 1951, and is the market leader in Switzerland and many other countries.

Durgol is the name you can trust. The all-around talent. Durgol universal is the multi-purpose descaler for countless household items from coffee machines and water kettles to ceramic tiles, faucets, shower heads and more. It works 5 to 10 times faster than other brands.
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