Bring your PC to life with the APEVIA Twilight 120mm RGB color changing LED fans. With 366 selectable modes, you can choose the look and style combination that’s perfect for you. The remote control that comes with the controller allows you to set the color scheme that you’re looking for. The control hub itself has room for up to six specially designed compatible fans that contain enough LEDs to light up your life. Meanwhile, the durable anti-vibration rubber pads keep the fan silent. Note: The LED speed can be changed, but not the fan speed itself. Also comes with two synchronized magnetic and adhesive tape color changing LED strips with 18 LED lights. The strips measure 12" in length.
Introducing the APEVIA Twilight RGB LED 120mm Fan KitEndless selection of colors and play modes to choose fromThe APEVIA Twilight RGB fans offer different colors and playable combinations to fit your mood. When your mood changes, so can the fans with just the press of a button.
Synchronized RGB LED fans9x quality fan blade design28x brilliant LED lights contained inside each ring (16x outer ring/12x inner ring)8x anti-vibration padsTri-light Addressable RGB LED light design
Magnetic RGB LED strips18x LED lightsMeasures approximately 12 inches in lengthSimultaneously plays modes with RGB fansMemory function enables your last played mode to run every power start up
APEVIA Twilight RGB Fan Kit