Color: Marble Wow wow and wow Again! brings you the ultimate beer lovers tool! The Frosty beer 2 go is in true style a truly unique combination. This great cooler is the perfect thermos to keep you actual Beer bottle nice and chilled. Take the top part off and you are left with the perfect size cooler for a Heineken beer can. And dont forget the lid which comes with a built in beer opener so you have all you beer accessories right were you need it neatly stored in one awesome container. Doesnt matter if its Blue Moon, Bud Lite or what have you not no one likes there beer warm or even at room temperature. With the Frosty 2 go the outside temperature doesnt even come into the equation, so chill your beer to your preferred taste and then place it into this Awesome cooler. Now you are all set to go party! Outdoors or indoors the double walled stainless steel constructions will retain that chill so you can thoroughly enjoy a frosty cold beer. Sweat proof and durable this bottle will become a favorite of every Mr.

Beer in no time! So say goodbye to all those lukewarm odd tasting beers get your Coors light, Miller lite, Budweiser or even your home made brew and get ready to enjoy it with the Frosty Beer 2 go all day long.