ProudDemon is a modern eyewear company integrating professional design, production and sales.

Its products mainly include sunglasses for men and women, anti-blue glasses, and reading glasses for the elderly.

They have been sold to North America, Europe, Japan and other countries. With good service and reputation, we adhere to the management philosophy of quality first and customer first. ProudDemon has won praise from customers and the society. In order to make our products better, ProudDemon actively introduces the best management talents, the most advanced equipment and technology, strict and systematic quality control to improve the competitive advantage, and strives to make "ProudDemon" be a perfect integration of artistic pursuits and commercial operations as a trendy glasses brand.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Digital Time

Protect Your Eyes From Harmful Blue Rays

Anti-blue glasses can effectively reduce the continuous damage of blue light to the eyes. Through the comparative test of the portable spectrum analyzer, after using the anti-blue glasses, the intensity of blue light emitted by the digital screen is effectively suppressed, reducing the harmful blue light to the eyes.

Blue Light Blocking glasses mainly reflect harmful blue light through the surface coating of the lens, or add anti-blue light factors through the lens base material to absorb harmful blue light, thereby achieving the blocking of harmful blue light and protecting the eyes.

Any anti-blue lens that uses film reflection technology, because it reflects harmful blue light, the surface of the lens will reflect blue light, and the anti-blue lens with substrate absorption technology will not reflect blue light.

ProudDemon Half Frame Blue Light Glasses for Men and Women

Anti Blue Rays Glasses

Half Frame Clear Glasses

Half-frame glasses frames are between full-frame and rimless. They are lighter and more stable, highlighting the sense of fashion. They have both the wisdom of business elites and the natural and easy affinity.

Widely Use in Your Life

It is suitable for a wide range of occasions. It can be worn on business, leisure occasions, and parties. It is fashionable and stable, and Reflect the high current quality of life.

Give You A Great Digital Time

Protect You Away From:
Vision Loss

Visual Fatigue

Eye Strain

Sleep Disorder

When You Need Anti Blue Light Glasses

The anti-blue glasses are suitable for wearing when using LED digital display devices such as TV, computers, IPad and smart phones.

Half-Rim Glasses Bring A Different Experience

The upper part of the lens of the half-rim glasses is wrapped and fixed by the plastic frame, while the lower part is fixed with a metal wire.

The same glasses material, half-rim glasses will be lighter, the field of vision will be more open, easier to clean and maintain. Half-rim glasses will give people a gentle feeling, if you want to become artistic, you might as well try half-rim glasses frames.

Higher Quality Requirements

High Quality Metal Hinge

Screw tightness is moderate, temples are easy to open and close,and the simple structure is more durable.

Comfort Rubber Nose Pads

The soft rubber nose patch perfectly fits the nose shape, does not squeeze the nose, and is not easy to fall off when worn.

Free Glasses Chain Gift

Each pair of glasses includes a free glasses chain as a gift. Eyeglass chain as an ornament not only exclusive to grandparents, but also has become a fashionable and trendy decoration.