Mini Displayport To HDMI Cable 4k 1080P TV Projector Projetor DP 1.4 Display Port Converter For Mac Mini Apple Macbook Air Pro
This product internal circuit design can only achieve Mini DisplayPort to HDMI one-way conversion
This Mini displayport cable supports 4Kx2K or 1080P
support Mini DisplayPort v 1.2;
support Mini DisplayPort signal to HDMI conversion;
support 20pin Mini DisplayPort interface;
support Mini DisplayPort 1.1 a / 1.2 input and HDMI 1.3 b / 1.4. 2.0 output, and compatible with Thunderbolt interface input.
support HDMI 225MHZ clock bandwidth, 2.25G bps per channel data bandwidth (all channels 6.75G bps data bandwidth)
support HDMI 4Kx2k (3840 2160) ultra-high-definition output
support HMDI 12bit Deep Color (all channels 36bit Deep Color)
support up to 10.8G bps video bandwidth;
support 1Mbps two-way auxiliary channel;
support one-way, single-channel, four-wire connection;
support hot swap.
built-in conversion chip, no external power supply
in strict accordance with the Mini DisplayPort standard design, fit for Apple Mini DisplayPort specification, signal transmission stability
to HDMI part of the audio and video to support synchronous transmission
Applicable Models:
MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air / Apple iMac 21.5 / 27 inch, Lenovo X1, Dell XPS, and equipped with Mini DisplayPor interface, other brands of notebook or graphics card with HDMI connector HDTV, monitor, projector, LCD, LED display connected!
Applicable models:
MB413 / MB4 / MB4 / MB4 / MB4 / MB4 /
MB940 / MB985 / MB986 / MB990 / MB991 /
MC024 / MC026 / MC118 / MC207 / MC226 / MC233 / MC234 / MC413
MC503 / MC504 / MC505 / MC506 / MC508 / MC509 / MC510 / MC511 / MC516 /
MC700 / MC721 / MC723 / MC724 / MC725 /
MC812 / MC813 / MC814 / MC847 / MC950 / MC965 / MC966 / MC968 / MC969
Lenovo: ThinkPad X1, X230, T420, W530
Dell: xps14z / xps15 / xps15z / xps17
All Mini displayport port cards and other notebooks
HD Display to HDMI
Mini DisplayPort to HDMI conversion line, can only achieve mini DP to HDMI one-way conversion. Support HDMI Video Resolution Up to 4K x 2K or 1080P, it depends on the style you buy
Universal Compatibility
Convert signal from Mini Displayport Source to HDMI Display, only Transmit Signals from Displayport Input to HDMI Output. This mini DP to HDMI support for Macbook laptop to HD TV, projector and display.
Mirror Mode and Extend Mode
Enjoy your full fidelity HD screen, and balance work and entertainment


Ensure High Duration
ABS Shell, PVC Cable Foundation, Gold-Plated Port and Gold-Plated Clip Lock.
Excellent Performance
HD Transmission for All-in-one A/V Solution, 24K Gold-Palted Connectors, Upgraded Chip Solution and Professional Multiple Shielding.
Triple Shielded Ensure the Stable Signal Transmission
Tinned Copper, Aluminium-foil, Braid and PVC protective jacket
Easy to Take