4K@60HZ 2X1 HDMI SWITCH with
This 4K HDMI Switch allows you connect Two HDMI 2.0 Sources to one display device, Each input source support audio extract by the Toslink+L/R+Coaxial audio output channel. No loss of quality after you split the signal. No degradation in audio quality. (HDMI output support CEC).
Supports HDCP 2.2, HDMI 2.0 b, 4K@60HZ, RGB
4:4: 4, Full HD, UHD, HDTV, Deep Color to 36bit, also back compatible with 4K@30HZ and 1080P. Max Bandwidth of 18Gbps. (Kindly
Note: It is not compatible with DVI).
With Optical Tolink SPDIF+L/R+ 3.5 mm Jack+Coaxial audio out allows you extract the audio from the HDMI input source ( Like PS4, Cable box, Xbox or any HDMI device)connection to a spearker, Amplifier etc.
Note: If you choose optical or coaxial audio out, you can enjoy 5.1CH or 2CH or audio copy. If you choose 3.5 mm or L/R audio out, you can enjoy 2CH or audio copy.
Supports ARC (Audio Return Channel), Extractor the Audio from TV to Soundbar or Amplifier. Connect your TV HDMI (ARC) Port to this switch HDMI Output Port with HDMI Cable, then using optical or Coaxial cable to the soundbar, Speaker, home theater, A/V receivers etc. No distortion of audio or video(Note: 3.5 mm jack and L/R audio port not support ARC audio).
Smart Auto-Switch with Remote Control:
It will automatically skip to the most recently inserted HDMI signal source, it will automatic change from HDMI source A to HDMI source B when you turned on source B and back to source A when you turned source B off.