Efficient Thermal Conductivity The silicone based material of the Thermal Pads outperforms generic pads by far by providing an efficient thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices. Filling the Gaps Due to its great elasticity and compressing features, the thermal pad works as the perfect gap filler and bridges uneven surface topography, air gaps and rough surface textures without any problems.

Main Features

Thermal pad has 12.8 W/mK Thermal Conductivity, Used to fill the gap between the heating element and the Heatsink, Achieve the best cooling effect. At the same time, the thermal pad also has Insulation, Non-conductive, wear-resistant, fire-retardant, compression, buffering, no damage to metal materials, etc effect.

Why use thermal silicone Pad ?

The main purpose of the choice of Thermal Pad is to reduce the heat source surface and the heat dissipation device contact surface between the contact thermal resistance. Thermal conductivity of silicone Pad can be good filling the gap between the contact surface;

because the air is hot bad conductor, will seriously hinder the heat transfer between the contact surface, And in the heat source and the radiator between the installation of thermal silica Pad can be out of the air contact surface;

with thermal silicone Pad supplement, you can make the heat source and the heat sink between the contact surface better full contact, Truly face to face contact in the temperature of the reaction can be achieved as small as possible temperature difference.

Applicable industry:KEY_TAB LED industry, automotive electronics industry, power industry, PDP/LED flat-panel TV, communications industry, Industrial industry, household electrical appliance industry.

Scope Application:KEY_TAB electronic products, motherboard, motor, external pad and foot pad, electronic, appliances, high power LED lighting, Car machine, power devices, automotive electronic modules (engine scrubber) Power modules, high power power supplies, computer host (CPU, GPU, USICS, RDRAMTM, CD-ROM, IGPT module, hard drives) ,laptop and any electronic equipment needing to be filled with heat dissipation.

The thermal conductive silicone pad is made of soft insulating material,no need to coat silicone and copper strip, tear off the two sides of thefilm and stick it on the chip, display Beiqiao, Southbridge, power module,can be used.


  • Color:Gray
  • Thermal Conductivity:12.8W/M-K
  • Density:3.1±0.2g/cc
  • Hardness:30-55(Sc)
  • Breakdown Voltage:>9.8KV(1mm)
  • Temperature Range:-40°C~200°C

Package:Thermalright Extreme Odyssey 120x20x2.0mm Thermal Pad