Style: CM5 en Espanol For Spanish-speaking Contractors, Builders, and Tradespersons and construction companies with Spanish-speaking employees. The Construction Master 5 En Espanol is the first Construction-Math calculator designed specifically for Spanish-speaking users. All special function key labels, the LCD display and values are in Spanish. Spanish and English User's Guides are included. The Construction Master 5 En Espanol will help companies and their employees save time and money. The Construction Master 5 En Espanol helps Spanish-speaking contractors and tradespeople quickly, easily and accurately solve complex construction problems in the office or on the jobsite, reducing costly errors, saving time and preventing expensive rework. It is the perfect tool on the job site or in the office. Put the all-Spanish Construction Master 5 on your next project and youll be glad you did. Copyright 2020 All Rights ReservedFrom the ManufacturerThe Construction Master 5 En Espanol is the first construction math calculator designed specifically for the 30% of the construction work force who are Spanish-speaking. Easy-to-use in the field or office - it meets the need for fast, accurate construction-math solutions. Save time, money and materials.