Pattern Name: Pro Micro board for
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com/2018/06/25/-pro-micro-board Note: When you open the Arduino IDE software, pls go to the Tool and choose the board "Arduino Leonardo"We have tech support for after-sale. If it can't be recognized by your computer when you use it, please change another USB cable or computers to test, if still no any update, may you need to install a driver, we made a detail tutorial, you
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https: //youtu. be/9k5mk-FHF24 if still not solved it, please tell us. We can definitely help you to fix the problem.
1. The Pro Micro is similar to the Pro mini except with a ATmega32U4 on board. The USB transceiver inside the 32U4 allows us to add USB connectivity on board and do away with bulky external USB interface
2. This tiny little board does all of the neat-o Arduino tricks that you're familiar with: 4 channels of 10-bit ADC, 5 PWM pins, 12 DIOs as well as hardware serial connections Rx and Tx. Running at 16MHz and 5V, this board will remind you a lot of your other favorite Arduino-compatible boards but this little guy can go just about anywhere. If you're supplying unregulated power to the board, be sure to connect to the "RAW" pin on not VCC.
3. This latest revision corrects the silk error from the last version of the board so that pin 14 is correctly labeled. We've also added a PTC fuse and diode protection to the power circuit and corrected the RX and TX LED circuit.
Feature: ATmega32U4 running at 5V/16MHz Supported under Arduino IDE v 1.0. 1
Recommand power supply for board: 6-7V, less than 9V On-Board micro-USB connector for programming 4 x 10-bit ADC pins 12 x Digital I/Os (5 are PWM capable) Rx and Tx Hardware Serial Connections Our Smallest Arduino-Compatible Board Yet
Package includes: 1 x Pro Micro ATmega32U4 Module for Arduino