QIVYNSRY M.2 SSD Heatsink - Good Cooling Effects for Upgrade Your Computer / PS5 with M.2 NVME NGFF Disk

With double-sided cooling ,Aluminum alloy material, this M.2 heatsink greatly increase the heat dissipation, with 10°C - 30°C cooling effect , which make sure your new M.2 SSD in a safe temp, avoiding overheating and throttling, improving the performance of your computer.


Designed for desktop computers;

Aluminum body, Anodic Oxidation Surface Treatment;

with 10°C - 30°C cooling effect;

Compatible with Singel/Double sided M.2 NVME NGFF SSD;

Easy to install, and not damage the hard disk.

Apply to PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD models(Partial list?):

Samsung 950Pro/ 960Evo/ PM951/ PM961/ SM951/ SM961/970 EVO /970 PRO etc;

Intel Optane SSD 800P Series, Intel SSD 760p Series, Intel SSD 660p Series, Intel SSD 600p Series;

Kingston: SM2280S3G2 / RBU-SNS8152S3 / KC1000;WD: WD M.2 / WD Blue M.2 / WD Black M.2 SN 850

Plextor: M6GV / M7VG / M8PeGN / M8SeGN; SanDisk: X300 / X300S / X400 / Z400S / X110 / A400Transcend: MTS800 / MTS820;

ADATA: SP550 / ASX7000NP / XPG-SX6000 / XPG-SX8000 / XPG GAMMIX S10 / SU800 / AXNS381E;

Toshiba: Q200 / XG3 / XG4 / OCZ RD400 / THNSNK / OCZ: RD400;

Crucial / Micron: MX200 / MX300 / M510 / M600 / 1100;

Play Station 5 Upgrade with M.2 NVME/NGFF SSD

Easy to Install and Operate

- With double-sided clip design, 6 adjustable height screws, and 2 spare screws are suitable for M.2 NVME SSD of various heights, stable installation, better protection of your M.2 SSD with good heat dissipation performance.

Three Nano Thermal Pads

- Made from Nano Silicon Grease Material, with good thermal conductivity ability. Soft enough and good ductility, compatible with uneven surfaces of the M.2 SSD. Low viscosity, with no damage to the M.2 SSD.

Aluminum Alloy Material

- Aluminum alloy, silver plating , anodic oxidation surface treatment; Greatly increase the heat dissipation area of M.2 storage disk, with 10°C - 30°C cooling effect.

You'll receive

M.2 SSD heatsink *1pcs;

Silicone thermal pad * 3pcs;

Fixing screw * 6pcs;

Spare screw * 2pcs;

Screwdriver * 1pcs;