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MasterLiquid ML360 SUB-ZERO

The MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero powered by Intel Cryo Cooling Technology delivers a cooling solution unlike traditional thermal solutions. It's designed to keep the most powerful processor cool. It also allows longer duration of turbo clock and more possibilities when pushing overclocking to new limits. This AIO solution comes equipped with a 360mm radiator and three powerful yet quiet fans. It's compatible with Intel 10th generation processors.


ML360 Sub-zero Powered by Intel Cryo Cooling Technology

“The MASTERLIQUID ML360 SUB-ZERO cooler is exclusively powered by Intel Cryo Cooling Technology, a unique combination of hardware, software, and firmware designed to help unleash elite performance for gamers, overclockers, and content creators.”

Age of Cryo-clocking

Playing with the properties of Silicon to deliver a more optimized way to achieve over-clocking but not in the traditional sense. Unlike using solutions such as liquid nitrogen, the Sub-Zero is designed to allow gamers and content creators to achieve those higher frequencies while giving off less heat and the ability to run at high frequencies as usual while using less power.

The ML360 Sub-Zero pushes the thermal boundaries of standard cooling solutions while adapting to the limitations of being a closed loop liquid cooler. This will allow for maximum potential of your CPU to be realized, especially during low core count OC that can only be done with sub-ambient cooling. Cryo-Clocking pushes the frontier on innovation by introducing a sub-ambient cooling solution, unique in design and technology driven.

Key Features

Sub-Ambient Cooling

Specifically designed Thermoelectric Unit (TEC) to cool your processor and create the conditions that allow it to achieve low core count over-clocking.

Powered by Intel Cryo Cooling Technology

Designed with a simple user interface which makes it easy to understand and control the sub-ambient cooling potential.


Silicon can reach higher frequencies at lower voltages that can only be achieved through sub-ambient cooling. The concept of Cryo-Clocking is to push the performance of the CPU to reach maximum capacity within the limits.

2nd Generation Pump

Enhanced pump delivers higher liquid flow for exceptional heat removal.

360 mm Radiator with SF120R Fans

High Performance Air Balance fans designed to spin at low rpm with great air pressure to air flow ratio. With a 360 radiator to dissipate heat efficiently.

Specifically Designed Water Block

A: The circuit board features built-in sensors for temperature and dew point to help minimize the effects of condensation.

B: 52x52mm TEC unit is built in the water block to cool you CPU.

C: Sensors communicate temperature and humidity conditions back to the system.

D: This seal maintains steady processing performance, as well as preventing condensation and external elements to protect your system.

Improved and Enhanced Pump

Newly Designed Pump traditionally used in DIY cooling systems with high performance motor that has an enhanced repeller helps dissipate heat from the TEC more efficiently.

Recommended Installation

A: Top Mounted 360 mm Radiator

B: Front Mounted Pump

To get the best performance out of your CPU in your system, we recommend a top installation of the 360mm radiator and a front installation of the pump. The fans are pre-installed on the radiator and pump bracket is pre-attached (out-of-box).

Overclock On Your CPU

Overclocking your CPU doesn’t have to be complicated and can be achieved in two basic ways:

Overclocking through BIOS Settings
Using Intel XTU Software