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The Plextor PlexWriter PX-891SAF and PX-891SAF PLUS 24X SATA DVD/RW Dual Layer Burner Drive

The PlexWriter's Plextor PX-891SAF and PX-891SAF PLUS 24X internal DVD/CD Super Multi Writer drives reads and writes DVD/CD at blazing fast speed of 24X. The PX-891SAF and PX-891SAF PLUS went through stringent testing procedures to ensure better compatibility for a wide variety of media brands currently available. They also incorporate a new improved chassis design to tremendously reduce noise and greatly improve writing quality. At 24X speed, air flow can cause bothersome acoustic noise. The PlexWriter's unique drive design regulates the air flows, reduces the amount of noise created, and enhances writing and reading quality.

The PX-891SAF PLUS model offers and Enhanced Laser Calibration to provide even more stable and reliable burning capabilities while extending the drive's lifespan for longer performance.

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Better Burning Quality as shown through PlexTools Software Analysis

As evident from the accompanying PlexTools burning analysis chart, the PlexWriter PX-891SAF and PX-891SAF PLUS 24X DVD CD writer drive offers exceptional PIPO results.

In regards to burner quality, the lower the value the greater the quality.

  • The PI8 specifications allows a variance up to 280, whereas the PlexWriter's PX-891SAF and PX-891SAF PLUS drive results are well below 50. Showing the exceptional writing quality offered.
  • Same with the PIF, which allows a variance up to 4, this drive is below 2.
  • The POF tracks how many sectors report an error that the drive fails to correct, this drive shows there are 0 errors that couldn't be corrected, again ensuring the highest quality.
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Vinpower's Quality Brands

Vinpower Digital offers a variety of digital storage products through a number of popular brands. Vinpower is the parent company of a number of popular data storage and duplication product brands that we developed or acquired under our umbrella of companies. These companies include but are not limited to:

OPTODISC, Optical Quantum, Plexdisc, Piodata, iXflash, SharkCopier, PlexCopier, ACARD Technology, Wytron, Moser Baer, Conner, Optiarc, plus many other national and regional brands around the globe.