Module parameters:

Working frequency: 25k-100MHz

Insertion-loss: <1dB

Operating Voltage: DC1-50V

Normal working current: <0.6A

Weight: 15 grams

Working principle:

Broadband amplifier feeding circuit, high frequency is affected by parasitic capacitance parameters, and its performance drops sharply, so BiasTee is required for feeding.

BiasTee is composed of ultra-wideband, near-idealized, high-frequency inductors and capacitors with no resonance point.

DC blocking capacitor: blocking DC to prevent DC voltage from leaking to subsequent circuits or test instruments;

High-frequency inductance: Isolate AC information to prevent high-frequency signals from leaking to the power supply system.

Application range:

Broadband amplifier

Some broadband amplifiers do not have a DC blocking capacitor inside, and the output terminal needs to be powered and a biaser is required.

Some amplifiers have built-in blocking capacitors, so no additional biasers are needed.

Optical fiber communication, laser drive

The driving current required by the laser diode is injected through the DC terminal of the biaser;

Communication data is injected through the RF terminal.

Other test and measurement applications

Package included:

1 x RF DC Block