The cleaner uses ultrasonic energy (40 kHz) in the form of sound waves to create millions of tiny microscopic bubbles in the solution that even works its way into holes and hidden cavities,loosening dirt on all surfaces that the solution touches. This action called cavitation, occurs thousands of times per second to gently yet thoroughly scrub contamination off the article being cleaned. When you lift the item out of the cleaner, its microscopically clean.


Full series standard ultrasonic cleaners are made up of high quality stainless steel plate, which is corrosion resistance and long lifespan, adopt with high quality ultrasonic transducer and advanced adhesive technology, high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency and strong ultrasonic power output. Equipped with automatic constant temperature heating device, heating rangee: room temperature~80 Ultrasonic cleaner widely applied to industry of precisiion electronics, painting, filter system, watch-clocks, glass, metal, jewelry, and medical instruments deaning etc

1. 6 touch buttons (TIME ON/OFF, TEMP ON/OFF , TEMP+, TEMP-, TIME+, TIME-)  2 indicators

2. Digital display.

3. Temperature and time can be set. Real-time and and current-time temperature can be displayed.


Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 15L

Inner Tank Size: 330*300*150mm

Dimensions: 400*350*280mm

Outer Packing Size: 465*410*360mm

Net Weight/Gross Weight: 9.1/10.3kg

Ultrasonic Power: 360W

Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHZ

Heating Power: 300W

Working Voltage: 110/220V


1. DO NOT start the machine before you add some liquid into the bath.

2. Please CUT OFF the power after using.