Professional UV Sterilization Lamp UV disinfection Light designed for sterilize the required area at any time.only 10-20 seconds to complete the disinfection task.maintain cleanliness in the room, closet, and household items. Avoid being covered by harmful microorganisms.the ideal choice home and travel professional disinfection.

Anti-Bacterial Rate 99% UV Lamp No Chemicals ,a purely physical sterilization method. Using the UV wavelength of 260-280NM, it can instantly destroy the DNA and RNA of microorganisms such as bacteria and make them instantly lose their ability to reproduce and survive. Reach 99.99% sterilization effect.

USB ChargingThe UV lamp has a 1800mAh lithium-ion battery and USB cable.which is rechargeable by USBEach charging time is 5-8 hours,after a single charge is completed, it can last up to 6 hours work.Clear power display to understand the power at any time, and then remind to charge at any timecan be connected to power bank for charging.

Easy using Lightweight and convenient hand-held design, with magnetic attraction at the bottom, can also be adsorbed on some iron tables, car body, can support 360 ° rotation. The knob-type switch can adjust the intensity of ultraviolet light, dark or bright.lightweight and easy to carry,can be easily stored in a handbag, briefcase or suitcase.

Multipurpose UseUltraviolet Disinfection Lamp often used in Kill almost all germs on phones, keyboards, laptops, baby toys, toothbrushes, chopsticks, spoons, cutlery, remote controls, door knobs, desks,toilet covers, cars steering wheel, etc.disinfect your personal daily necessities anywhere you go.suitable for home/office/ travel hotel and car, etc.

Ultraviolet sterilization principle