UNSTOPPABLE PERFORMANCE FOR STANDARD RANGE 1D/2D BARCODE CAPTURE Every day, workers in your warehouse and on the manufacturing plant floor scan thousands of barcodes to ensure product quality and on-time order delivery. Their productivity depends on the quality of the scanner you put in their hands. When workers need to capture 1D and 2D barcodes at standard ranges, with the corded DS3608-SR and cordless DS3678-SR scanner, you can give them the best - unmatched rugged design, unmatched scanning performance and unrivaled manageability. The advanced imager delivers lightning-fast capture of any 1D or 2D barcode printed on a label in virtually any condition or displayed on a screen, from near contact to nearly 5 ft.

/ 1.5 m away. The ultra-rugged design is practically indestructible - ideal for punishing environments. The DS3608-SR/DS3678-SR couldn't be easier and less time-consuming to deploy and manage. And when it comes to cordless technology, the DS3678-SR is loaded with Zebra-only features that put it in a class of its own, including a sealed rugged cradle, a smart battery and Zebra's Wi-Fi Friendly Mode that prevents interference with your Wi-Fi network. The DS3608-SR/DS3678-SR - the unstoppable performance you need to maximize workforce productivity and throughput in your operations. Superior scanning performance on any 1D/2D barcode, in any condition The advanced imager reads 1D and 2D barcodes displayed on a screen or printed on a label faster and farther han other standard range scanners.

Easily read barcodes from near contact to nearly 5 ft. / 1.5 m away - even if they are under shrinkwrap, damaged, dirty or poorly printed. The result? Workers can capture barcodes as fast as they can pull the trigger for first-time every time scanning - and extraordinary productivity. Ultra-rugged - the most indestructible design in its class The DS3608-SR/DS3678-SR is our most rugged scanner yet, with the highest drop, tumble and sealing specification in its class. It is built to survive an 8 ft. / 2.4 m drop to concrete - 23 percent more durable than any other scanner in this class.

The DS3608-SR/DS3678-SR operates reliably after 5, 000 tumbles, simulating the real-world tumbling that occurs with a drop. Both models are dustproof, sprayproof and waterproof to IP67 - they can be sprayed down with jetting water and even submersed in water. Easy management with our complimentary industry-best tools Remotely configure scanners, upgrade firmware, format data properly for your back end and monitor PowerPrecision+ battery statistics and more with 123Scan and Scanner Management Service (SMS). Multi-code captures and processes up to 20 barcodes simultaneously Many labels have multiple barcodes your workers need to capture.

Now, one press of the trigger captures the right barcodes and applies the uniquedata format required for each one for instant transmission to your backend ystems - all with complete control over the order in which barcodes are processed. Extreme temperature rating Built to handle extreme cold, heat and more, you can use the DS3608-SR/ DS3678-SR anywhere - even in the freezer. A Bluetooth model in a class of