BORUIT Camping Head Lamp Equipped with LED main white light and 2 red LED side lights, up to 120 lumens. The headlamp contains 3 AAA batteries. If it is not used for a long time, the battery is also being discharged. It is recommended that you replace the battery in time when the light is dimmed, or prepare a few batteries for backup.
Green/White Light Headlamps for Option The human eye is most sensitive to the green/red range of light, wearing red/green headlights when you are running or cycling can let vehicle notice you, make your nighttime activities safer. For animals, they are not spooked by these lights, so this head flashlight is great for camping fishing hunting hiking reading.
4 Modes Brightness Construction Head light High white 100% brightness- Medium white 50% brightness-green/red/ standing-red/green light strobe, meet your need in different circumstance. The running time can reach 8 hours in white light highlight mode and 25 hours in red light mode, meeting your needs for outdoor and daily life.
Adjustable Headband Light The scientific light angle of view is adjustable at 45°, allowing you to find the light you need more effectively in different scenes. At the same time, the head lights led is also equipped with a soft and adjustable headband, which is suitable for adults and kids.
Waterproof, Portable Led Headlamp Our headlights for head is IPX4 rated to withstand everyday life and rain, but avoid submerging it in water. The headlamp plus the battery weighs a total of 2.5 ounces, which is very lightweight and allows you to wear it without feeling tired. It is also very light and small when not worn, portable and easy to store.