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Tips for Purchasing a Security Camera System


Equipment such as security cameras and video surveillance systems can help protect your organization’s property while security software and firewalls can protect it from network intrusion and malware. Some potential security threats for organizations can include theft, arson, graffiti, and more. Below, NeweggBusiness outlines several important considerations when purchasing video security systems and security cameras.


Digital Video Recorder

In a security camera system, one of the most important considerations is the digital video recorder. When purchasing a security camera system, you should consider how many channels the DVR can support. It is the primary limiting factor for the number of security cameras that you can use with the system.

In addition to the number of security cameras a system can support, another important aspect is its storage drive’s capacity. There are three main concerns with storage capacity for security camera systems. They include the number of cameras that record video, the video quality of the recordings, and how long the recordings will be stored.

How Many Security Cameras?

The number of security cameras that you should get depends on the size and layout of the property that you wish to monitor. Ideally, you should have key areas such as entrances and potential access points monitored.

Indoor vs Outdoor Security Cameras

Some security cameras excel as indoor solutions while others are better for outdoor use. To monitor exterior locations, consider using infrared cameras as they work well even in low-light conditions. You should also ensure that your outdoor security cameras are weatherproof.

Remote Access

One useful feature offered in some security camera systems is the ability to remotely log onto the DVR and view live feeds. Security camera systems that have remote access functionality typically support web browsers for desktops and laptops, but some are also compatible with smartphones and tablets.