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Refurbished: LOT 5 Dell Inspiron 1121 WLAN802.11n Card Mini PCI-e DW1504 Wireless ...
$60 .32
Free Shipping
Refurbished: Dell PowerEdge M610 M620 QLogic QME8142 Dual Port HBA FC Mezzanine Card ...
$64 .32
Free Shipping
Refurbished: Dell Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx CX4421A 2-Port 25GbE SFP28 Mezzanine Card ...
$125 .18
Free Shipping
Refurbished: Mellanox ConnectX-3 CX354A MCX354A-TCBT 2-Port 10Gb InfiniBand PCI-E ...
$75 .28
Free Shipping
Refurbished: New Genuine Dell HS202IE 2-Port eSATA PCI Express Host Card Adapter R233P ...
$82 .88
Free Shipping
Refurbished: Lot 10 P560G Wireless 370 Bluetooth Card Dell E5400 E5500 M960G ...
$57 .98
Free Shipping
Refurbished: LOT x 5 QLE4062C-T-DEL-SP ISCSI DP/N 0C9C50 iSCSI PCIe Dual Port HBA card
$110 .72
Free Shipping
Refurbished: Original Intel X540-T1 X540T1BLK 1-Port 10GbE Ethernet Converged Network ...
$67 .58
Free Shipping
Refurbished: Mellanox MHQH29-XTC ConnectX IB Host Channel Network Adapter Card PCI-E ...
$114 .00
Free Shipping
Refurbished: Dell Intel I350-T2 1GB PCI-E x4 2 Ports Ethernet Server Adapter 0XP0NY YG4N3
$74 .78
Free Shipping
Refurbished: HP BCM943224HMS Dual Band Wireless Half Mini PCI-e Wifi Card 582236-002
$8 .70
Free Shipping
Refurbished: 9VKR1 OEM Low Profile Dell Chelsio T520-CR Dual Port 10Gb SFP CNA Network ...
$247 .58
Free Shipping
Refurbished: Dell M6MG6 High-Speed Uplink Uplink module 0M6MG6
$60 .38
Free Shipping
Refurbished: Lot X 5 Intel X540-T1 YOTTAMARK 1-Port 10GbE PCIe Ethernet Network Adapter
$262 .00
Free Shipping
Refurbished: Dell Latitude E5270 DW5811E Mobile Broadband 4G WWAN Wireless Card ...
$81 .98
Free Shipping
Refurbished: (NOT FOR HOME PC!) Dell 39H7H PERC H700 1GB Cache 6Gbps SAS SATA ...
$74 .14
Free Shipping
Refurbished: IBM EC33 2-Port 56Gb QSFP FDR IB PCIe Adapter - 00RX852 - Mellanox ...
$110 .78
Free Shipping
Refurbished: QLogic FTLF8519F2KCL-QL Fiber Channel PCI-X 2Gbps Server Dual Port Cards ...
$67 .52
Free Shipping
Refurbished: Geniune HP Mellanox PCI Express 25 Gbps Network Adapter W/Bracket ...
from $65 .55
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from $65 .55
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Refurbished: (NOT FOR HOME PC!) DELL WPXP6 LSI SAS 9202-16E HBA 6Gb/S 16-PORT ...
$107 .57
Free Shipping
Refurbished: Dell HBA330 H330 12Gbs PCI-E 3.0 SAS Raid Controller JXW07 CG2YM
$30 .59
Free Shipping

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Similar to USB devices, ExpressCard, CardBus, and PCMCIA expansion cards can enhance your organization’s laptops so that they can be adapted to fit the needs of your staff. Also like USB devices, laptop expansion cards can be quickly installed and removed. For example, a professional that requires his or her laptop to have serial connector support for an older printer will be able to add that capability swiftly with expansion cards. There are a variety of features and functionality that can be added to laptops with expansion cards, such as: additional USB ports, IEEE 1394 support, eSATA support, Ethernet, and more.

Below are the three most common standards for laptop expansion cards:


Short for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, it is a laptop expansion card standard originally designed to allow for more data storage. The standard eventually came to be used by many types of peripherals other than storage expansion cards, such as Ethernet and SATA support. They can sometimes also be referred to as PC Cards.


A successor to the original PC Card standard, it is compliant with PCMCIA 5.0 specifications and features a 32-bit 33MHz PCI bus.

While it has the same form factor as the PC Card standard a CardBus laptop expansion card is incompatible with a PC Card slot.


The ExpressCard standard was originally developed by the PCMCIA and is currently the fastest and most widely used expansion card standard. It comes in two form factors, ExpressCard/34 (34mm wide) and ExpressCard/54 (54mm wide). Cards with the ExpressCard/34 form factor can be used with ExpressCard/54 slots, but not vice versa.


By utilizing laptop expansion cards, professionals can quickly add functionality to their mobile workstations to fit their needs. When shopping for laptop expansion cards, be sure to check if your organization’s laptops have PCMCIA, CardBus, or ExpressCard slots.


By NeweggBusiness Staff