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Galaxy Note 9 Belt Case Holster Ultra Thin DuraClip Protective Hard Cover wRotating Clip ...
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Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2017/2015 (Old Model, 2nd & 1st Generation), Soft TPU ...
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from $60 .99
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Briefcase for Women Laptop Bag for School Briefcase Crossbody Messenger Bags Vegan ...
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Case for Lenovo Tab M10 3rd Gen 10.1 inch 2022 Model TB-328FU TB-328XU with Pencil ...
$32 .99
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iPad Air 3rd Gen 105quot 2019 iPad Pro 105quot 2017 Case Ultra Slim Lightweight Stand Smart ...
$31 .46
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mCover Case Compatible for 2020~2022 13.4" Dell XPS 13 9300 / 9310 non-2-in-1 Models ...
$45 .99
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Molle Gadget Pouch Olive Drab
from $34 .44
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from $34 .44
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LUOM Convertible Laptop Backpack - Multi Functional Travel Rucksack Canvas Water ...
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McKlein USA 18331 14 in. Crescent Nylon Laptop Sleeve, Green
from $60 .64
from $60 .64
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Case for Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 / MiPad 5 Pro 11 inch 2021, Heavy Duty Shockproof Cover with S Pen ...
$34 .99
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11 116 12 121 125 inch Laptop Carrying Bag Chromebook Case Notebook Ultrabook Bag ...
from $17 .13
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from $17 .13
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Finding a Laptop that Fits Your Organization’s Needs


A laptop offers a great amount of mobility and convenience, but any professional that carries their laptop with them should have a laptop case or bag to protect it. Carrying a business laptop without a bag or case is a risk that shouldn’t be taken, as damaging it could mean losing data and productivity. Lower that risk by ensuring that your organization’s laptops are in always in protective cases or bags when they are being transported, especially long distances. When issuing laptop cases or bags for your organization’s professionals, there are a few factors to consider depending on their needs.


Here are some considerations to think about when shopping for laptop bags and cases:


For maximum protection, look for a case or bag that offers ample padding. See if the padding covers all sides of the laptop or if it only covers a few, also pay attention to the thickness of the padding. Additional protection could be a hard outer shell or case that encapsulates the laptop and padding.


Generally, if a case or bag is to be carried, additional padding along the strap or handle will make carrying the laptop more comfortable. Also, adjustability is essential, as everyone’s needs and preferences for comfort are different.

Laptop Size

Make sure the laptop will fit the case or bag. Laptop bags and cases advertise compatibility based on diagonal screen size, but not all laptops will fit bags for their screen size. To err on the side of caution, buy a case or bag that can fit a laptop slightly larger than the one it will be used with.


As the protection offered by a case increases, weight usually increases as well. Try to find a balance between weight and protection, so that your staff won’t complain about sore shoulders when traveling long distances with shoulder bags or insufficient protection.

Extra Features

Professionals may sometimes have special needs or requirements for their laptop bags. For instance, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recommends fliers to have checkpoint-friendly laptop bags in order to get through airport checkpoints quicker.

Another feature that professionals may find useful is customizable compartments, so they can change the bag or case to fit their needs. If you see a laptop case or bag with an extra feature, consider whether or not it is needed by a user.

By using the considerations above as guidelines in your purchasing decisions, you will be able to find solutions fit for most laptop users. It can be a delicate balancing act though, as gaining one benefit may mean giving up another. For instance, more protection may come at the expense of having to carry more weight. Once you have weighed the considerations above, you will need to see which styles fit the needs of the user.

Laptop Case & Bag Styles

Below are some of the more popular laptop bag and case styles:


Laptop sleeves snugly hold the laptop and are best used for carrying it short distances. It can also be used to hold a laptop within a larger case or bag if needed. Some include additional features such as hard outer shells or special zippers. Aside from the laptop, they can be used to store small items such as optical media.

Messenger Bags

Originally used by messengers and couriers to carry documents and packages, the design has become popular with professionals for carrying laptops. The key design feature of a messenger bag is that is it has a strap that is worn over one shoulder that goes across the chest and back, with the bag resting around waist level. In addition to carrying a laptop, a messenger bag can carry paperwork and small objects such as USB input devices.


Designed to be carried either by the handles or over the shoulder, they tend to be relatively lightweight and compact. Many have organized and compartmentalized interiors that neatly separate the laptop,stationery, and miscellaneous small items.


Backpacks can be very useful for professionals that carry a moderate amount of additional items with their laptop. They are a comfortable way to carry a laptop for a long period because they evenly distribute weight on both shoulders when used properly.

Ladies’ Totes

An option designed specifically for women, totes typically feature more stylish and feminine designs. They are also usually larger than a typical women’s handbag but less bulky than other laptop carrying options, with the exception of sleeves.

Rolling Cases

Rolling cases are usually larger, bulkier, and heavier than the options mentioned above due to having wheels. They can take the weight off the shoulders, which can be a boon for professionals that commute long distances on foot or frequently fliers.