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Open Box: HP MSA 2052 SAS Dual Controller SFF Storage
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HighPoint RocketStor 6418S 8-Bay 6 Gb/s SAS / SATA Storage Tower Enclosure
from $379.25
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from $379.25
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RAID Machine R2424RM 24-bay 12G SAS / SATA Rackmount JBOD Enclosure w/ Redundant ...
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15-bay 4U 12Gb/s SAS / SATA Trayless Rackmount JBOD - JR1512T
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SuperMicro SuperChassis 90-Bay 1.62PB (90 x 18TB) SATA JBOD 4U Rackmount Top-Load ...
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8 bay SAS / SATA JBOD Trayless Tower J0806T w/ 2 MiniSAS Cables
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SuperMicro SuperChassis 60-Bay 960TB (60 x 16TB) SATA JBOD 4U Rackmount Top-Load ...
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LSI Mr SAS 9361-8i // 03-25420-14B SAS/SATA LP Raid Controller
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Areca ARC-4038-12, 12Gb/s SAS/SATA, 12-bay desktop JBOD.
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Sold by: Tekram
SuperMicro SuperChassis 1260TB 90-Bay SATA JBOD 4U Rackmount Top-Load Data Center ...
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SuperMicro SuperChassis 1440TB 90-Bay SATA JBOD 4U Rackmount Top-Load Data Center ...
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RAID Machine R4424RM 24-bay 12G SAS Expander Rackmount JBOD Enclosure w/ ...
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HPE 726736-B21 Smart Array P440ar/2GB FBWC 12Gb 2-ports Int SAS Controller
15 bay 6G Trayless Rackmount SAS Expander JBOD - ER1506T
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HighPoint RocketStor 6314B RAID Level: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD 4-Bay Thunderbolt 2 to ...
from $526.27
from $526.27
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SuperMicro SuperChassis 60-Bay 1080TB (60 x 18TB) SATA JBOD 4U Rackmount Top-Load ...
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cocokkmallxB SRCSASJV RAID Controller Low-Profile, SAS/SATA. New Retail Box
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RAID Machine S7424RE 24-bay 10GbE iSCSI SAN Rackmount Single Controller
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PowerVault MD1420 DAS Storage Superior Nearline SAS Custom Storage
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Areca ARC-8042-12 12-bay 12Gb/s SAS to SAS Tower RAID Subsystem
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RAID Machine N3208RM 8-bay 6G SAS Expander Rackmount JBOD Enclosure
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RAID Machine N4208RM 8-bay 12G SAS Expander Rackmount JBOD Enclosure
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4 bay SAS / SATA JBOD Trayless Tower J0406T w/ 1 MiniSAS Cable
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Areca ARC-4038-12 12-bay 12G SAS Tower JBOD
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ICY RD MB998IP-B 8x2.5 MiniSAS HD HDD SSD in 1 x 5.25 bay Hot Swap Backplane
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Guide to RAID Storage


So what is an external RAID enclosure? It is a device that allows you to set up a RAID array using internal hard drives or solid state drives. Some home and small-office users may have internal RAID arrays for desktops, but larger organizations that require high levels of performance and scalability will find more utility from external RAID enclosures.

Benefits of External RAID Enclosures

A RAID enclosure is similar to an external hard drive enclosure, except it is larger to accommodate multiple hard drives and designed for RAID configurations. Compared to software RAID solutions, which are typically managed by the operating system, external RAID enclosures have several advantages.

Hot-Swap Support

Many USB and eSATA RAID enclosures support a feature known as hot swapping, which allows users to remove and replace hard drives with no need to power down the device. External RAID enclosures also typically have easily accessible drive bays. This allows for quicker drive switching, which can save professionals time.

No Extra Load on CPU

Software RAID arrays require CPU cycles in order to operate, which lower overall system performance. In contrast, hardware-based RAID configurations such as external enclosures and RAID controller cards have their own built-in processing units. As a result, they do not detract from overall system performance.

Drive Cloning

In addition to having RAID capabilities, many enclosures also support drive cloning. This allows users to duplicate all the contents of a drive, including hidden and in-use files. It is more in-depth than copying and pasting the contents, as the resulting drive is an exact clone.

SAS Support

One downside of a software-managed RAID array is that few desktop motherboards support enterprise-grade drives such as Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives. With a hardware RAID solution such as an external RAID enclosure, you can add support for SAS enterprise-grade hard drives and solid state drives.

Final Words

While home users will find software RAID configurations to be more than adequate, the needs of organizations can be better served with external enclosures. External RAID enclosures offer features that many IT professionals will find useful, such as support for enterprise-grade drives, hot-swapping, drive cloning, and more.


By NeweggBusiness Staff